The Drug Companies Are At It Again

Here’s a really good article on the “legal drug abuse” promoted by supposedly legitimate companies.

After you read it, realize that the same thing they are talking about in the HGH world applies to steroids. The companies make far more than there is any legal use for. It’s all about money.


3 Responses to “The Drug Companies Are At It Again”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Gus- no kick backs, sorry. I am a paid consultant and presenter. I never get any commissions or kick back on any product I recommend with the exception of affiliate links on education products ( not Perform Better related). Even in that case I rarely do it. In fact I donated my last commission check from Precision Nutrition to Hurricane Sandy relief. You might want to get to know someone before you accuse them of being crooked.

  2. well isnt what you do all about money also?you promote perform better and most likely get kick backs from them in one way or another

  3. It IS all about the money. Sad. Sad. SAD.

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