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The past few years I’ve been attending Automobile University. Noted motivational speaker Zig Ziglar coined the term to describe the process of learning while commuting. I encountered the idea while reading a book called Twice as Much in Half the Time ( this is a small book from Simple Truths, they have excellent little short books) by Amy Jones. Jones states:

“simply put, one attends automobile university by listening to education materials while riding the car. A study at USC has shown that if a person drives at least 12,000 miles a year ( as likely someone would in any metropolitan city) and uses this method of education, in a matter of three years he or she would have the equivalent of two years of college education”.

I have always loved audio programs like the StrengthCoach Podcast but, have just recently begun to purchase audio books. Audio books allow me to “read” in the car. I have read  (I guess listened is the real term), 20-30 books during this time including Born to Run and The End of Overeating. . I also listened to The Power of Less and Swim with the Sharks.  Audiobooks are more expensive but, actually they save time and money because they allow me to use my down time better. In addition, I pass the books onto my staff after I finish. I have actually statred to buy both an audio and a print version of each book so I can take note. The big downside to Automobile U is the inability to take notes or mark pages. Take this tip. Enroll in Automobile U.


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  1. […] of my recent reads ( actually a listen) was Great by Choice.  This was another excellent book from Jim Collins who brought us Good to […]

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    For specific stuff like that look at movement

  3. Where do you find quality audio books? I have had trouble locating titles from Gray Cook, Craig Liebenson, Stuart McGill, Evan Osar, Erik Dalton, Thomas Michaud, Thomas Myers, etc. I have tried Amazon and Apple and all I can find are ebooks or ereader versions, but no audiobooks.

    Thank you!

  4. I get “the great courses” on CD from my library.

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