The Biggest Loser- The Worst Thing to Happen to Fitness This Decade

Bottom line. This show is an awful testament to everything wrong in our profession. The network should be ashamed. This is a great article. Thanks Dr. Freedhoff.

4 Responses to “The Biggest Loser- The Worst Thing to Happen to Fitness This Decade”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    You are better off on your own than with “this level of instruction”.

  2. I agree with you because the success of losing weight is short term in this scenario. Not only that but not everyone can get access to this level of instruction. Most folks have to rely on what insurance can provide and their own resourcefulness. The shows sends the wrong message about achieving weight loss.


  3. It’s Hollywood my friends, its suppose to be unrealistic, dramatic, filled with 1/2 truths and designed to sell. As professionals, its our job to disspell the hype and myths through all mediums of communication and not cowing to the media. We are outnumbered but without sharing information on effective, safe, realistic, progressive and result driven fitness programs based on exercise science not fads/trends then we are part of the problem not solution.

    Julio Salado., NSCA-CPT., USAW Coach

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