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The Curse of Knowledge?

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How could knowledge be a curse? Don’t we talk at length about the value of continuing education?

Unfortunately, knowledge can be both a blessing and a curse. In fact, too much knowledge can sometimes actually make you a bad teacher. How many times have you taken a class or heard a lecture by an expert in a field and left confused?

The speaker has The Curse of Knowledge.

In the book Made to Stick, the authors describe a very simple study done at Stanford in 1996 by Elizabeth Newton which serves as a perfect illustration for The Curse of Knowledge.

Newton divided the study participants into two groups: tappers and listeners. The tappers were given a song to “tap out” on the top of the desk. These were simple songs like Happy Birthday and The Star Spangled Banner. The listener’s job was to try to recognize the song. The tapper tapped out the song on the desk top while the listeners listened. Pretty simple, except for the fact that the tappers had The Curse of Knowledge. They knew the song and could hear it in their heads. The listeners had no such knowledge. The interesting thing about the study was that tappers thought that listeners would get the song right fifty percent of the time, but in actuality, listeners only got the title of the song two percent of the time. The tappers (think teachers) were frustrated because they knew the answer to the “test”. They also couldn’t understand how the listener (student) could not “get it”.

Now just substitute teacher for tapper and student for listener, or coach and player, or boss and employee. Look at the numbers. Fifty percent expected but two percent results. These stats make how we run practice , how we teach or, how we run our staff training seem really important. This study explained so much to me. It explained why I say KISS so much. Keep It Simple S _ _ _ _ _. What I really am saying is remember the listeners. Don’t strive to show how smart you are, instead, strive to show what a great teacher you are. I now believe the key to KISS is to strive to MISS ( Make It Simple S _ _ _ _ _). We need to keep it simple for our staff, students, or team by making it simple. We need to make sure that the Curse of Knowledge does not frustrate us and our students, players, or employees.

I always tell my coaches that if it appears that the group is not grasping a concept, back up and say “let me explain that again. I must have done a bad job explaining it the first time”. This puts the onus on the teacher, coach or boss. Sven Nater, one of John Wooden’s prize pupils, wrote a book entitled You Haven’t Taught Me Until I’ve Learned. It is an excellent title. We must realize that we have not taught until someone has learned and that our knowledge can often be a detriment not a benefit. Understanding The Curse of Knowledge is the key to great instruction in any field.

Top 40 Fitness Pros for 2012

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I thought this was an “interesting” list. At least I wasn’t at the bottom? What do you think?

Five Things to Help Avoid Going Over the Physical Cliff

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I wrote these quickly yesterday for my buddy Hank Morse to use on the radio but, thought they be worth sharing.

1- Unlike the government you can simply turn around and start walking back. That will help.

2- As you turn around and walk, make sure to pass by all fast food restaurants, donut shops etc.

3- Then make like a lawyer and pass the bar ( do not stop even for one)
4- Once you are safely away from the edge find a gym to take refuge in.
5- Last, make some friends at the gym so you will want to go back.

What’s Happening at

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I hope all is well with you.  Here is an update on What’s Happening at

We have a lot of great new content:

-We have posted 4 “Teleseminar Tuesdays” interviews (a partnership with that will end next week

– We have a bunch of new videos, including Keir Wenham-Flatt’s 9-part  “Rugby Strength & Conditioning” lectures

– A few articles from me including one that got a lot of internet chatter called “The Balance”

– much more

Latest Articles, Videos, Audio Interviews and Webinars

Video of the Week: Rugby Strength and Conditioning Lectures 

A nine part lecture from Keir Wenham-Flatt on training for rugby.

Part 1-3-

Part 4-6-

Part 7-9-

“The Balance” 

This article has gotten a lot of people mad with my caution not “to become one of the internet frauds that trolls the Facebook world posting contrarian articles and tossing barbs at those they perceive to be above them to impress those they perceive to be below them.

 “Working the Floor”-
Various Authors
This is a thread from Business Forum that had advice that blew me away, so I summarized it and put it into an article.

“Be Memorable”-
Eric Krause
In life, we are all given certain opportunities that lead us down certain paths.  What we do with those opportunities determines which path we go down and consequently where we end up.

Webinar“Rolling Patterns: A Macro and Micro Breakdown using SFMA and NKT”

Perry Nickelston and David Weinstock

This webinar will discuss Assessment and breakdown essentials of rolling patterns using Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Neurokinetic Therapy. When to use rolling, what it divulges about your clients movement patterns, and it’s role in motor control sequencing.

“Teleseminar Tuesdays”
For 5 Tuesdays, (Dec. 11- Jan.8), we will be featuring audio interviews from past’s Annual Teleseminars, leading up to this year’s Teleseminar. So far, we have posted:

Greg Roskopf, creator of Muscle Activation Techniques

Ron Hruska– director of the Postural Restoration Institute

Mark Toomey and John DiMuro– the ‘Clinical HKC’

Dr. Shirley Sahrmann–  discusses the principles behind Movement System Impairment Syndromes

We finish up next Tuesday, Jan. 8 with Cal Dietz.

In the Forums

Farmer’s Walks and the Prowler Aren’t Functional   

This thread has gotten a lot more play than I thought it would with Dan Silver, Al Painter, Chris Shah, Brett Jones, Dave Sabo, Charlie Weingroff and myself all getting in on the action.

Max Velocity/Absolute Speed: Has the pendulum swung to far?

As always, any discussion on speed gets some great discussion.

The Strength Coach Podcast

Episode 114 Highlights

Special Segment- Daniel Coyle, author of “The Talent Code” and “The Little Book of Talent” (, is on to talk about using the brain to enhance skill acquisition and learning to coach optimally .

The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle

Coach Boyle talks about his article “Training Football Players” and a blog post called “My Daughter’s Ignition”.

Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better-

Erin McGirr joins us to talk about the new catalog, including some new products.

 The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness University- Rachel Cosgrove explains “Marketing with GIFT”

The Art of Coaching with Athletes’ Performance- Dennis Logan comes on to talk about “Improving Your Bench” 

Listen Here

Thanks for logging in and thanks to all of our contributors.


Michael Boyle

Personal Growth Plan- Repost

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The following came to me a few years ago from my friend Jeff Higuera and I knew I had to share it with our readers. There are many of us who want to be better but, wanting to be better and having a plan for self improvement are two different things. Jeff has a plan and was kind enough to let me share it with you.

Six years ago, I made a commitment to becoming one of the best at what I do. I knew in order to do that I would have to learn the skills and become fundamentally grounded in my Spiritual Life, Personal Life, and Professional Life. There has been nothing that has been more impactful to my career, my family, my relationships, and my finances. Below I share with you my spiritual, personal and professional growth plan:

-Spiritual Development:
-15-30 minutes reading the Bible each day
-Read 1 Spiritual Growth book per month.
-Attend Church each week (I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been really consistent at this one over the past year)

-Build and/or continue a relationship with a Spiritual Mentor each year
-Record and write down, in a systematic fashion, the most important lessons I’ve learned.

-Personal Development (Leadership/Teamwork/Business): 
-30 minutes every other day reading/reflecting/listening or watching personal development material).
-Read 1 Personal Development book per month.
-One audio lesson per month.
-Build a relationship with at least one highly influential leader each year.
-Record and write down, in a systematic fashion, the most important lessons I’ve learned from the material.

-Professional Development (Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Etc.): 
-30 Minutes every other day reading/reflecting/listening or watching professional development material
-Read 1 article per week
-Build a relationship with at least one highly influential leader in the field of fitness each year.
-Watch 1 video per month
-Go to one conference per year
-Record and write down, in a systematic fashion, the most important lessons and concepts I’ve learned from the material.

Ask yourself, what would happen if I lost my job today? What would happen if I were no longer needed on my team? Would my past commitment to preparation and to getting better at what I do leave me fearful about my job security? Or B) Would my preparation and commitment to personal growth leave me fearless and ready to move on to bigger and better things?

Jeff’s success is not an accident. No ones is. One of my favorite coaches, Mike Jarvis, used to say ‘plan your work and work your plan”. I’m sure he stole it somewhere as we all do but, it couldn’t be more true