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Whole Foods to Label GMO’s by 2018

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I wish it would happen sooner but Whole Foods has vowed to label all foods containing GMO’s by 2018.

Read about it here

Careful Ordering Salmon

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I’ve been trying to eat more salmon lately as my cholesterol is inching up. Just a quick heads up. The last two times I have been in a restaurant they have had “Atlantic Salmon” on the menu. Both times I have asked if in fact it was wild caught Atlantic Salmon and both times the waitress has come back and said that it was in fact farm raised. I guess the water they raise them in comes from the Atlantic? Buyer beware. I guess if they don’t say “wild caught”, you need to ask.


Great by Choice

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“Most men die of their remedies” Moliere


As many of you know I love to read.  As you also know I like to write. and allow me to combine two things I really enjoy. I can read a book and then review what I’ve read so that others can consider picking up the book.


One of my recent reads ( actually a listen) was Great by Choice.  This was another excellent book from Jim Collins who brought us Good to Great and Built to Last. In Great by Choice Collins collaborates with Morten Hansen, a management professor at University of California at Berkeley on another great read.


Although there were numerous great points in Great by Choice two really stood out to me as a business owner.


The first major point, the concept of The Twenty Mile March, is discussed in chapter 3. Twenty Mile Marching describes a methodical approach to growth and success that focuses on a concept that I love. 20 Mile Marching is the idea that that slow and steady wins the race. Grow too fast and you outgrow staff and facilities rapidly and struggle to deliver. Grow too slow and you fail to develop as a business. The 20 Mile March is a method that we embraced as we grew Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, although at the time we didn’t know that was what we were doing. What we did know was that although we wanted to grow our business we didn’t want to grow it too fast. I can remember once considering a television advertising campaign and then saying to my partner Bob Hanson “what if the campaign is successful?”. I’m sure that thought surprises people but my feeling was that we were growing at an acceptable rate and that a large increase in business would strain our ability to deliver a quality product. We would not have enough space or enough staff to perform at a level we were comfortable with so we did not go the TV route. Instead, we 20 Mile Marched. As Collin’s said “20 miles a day on days we only wanted to do 10 and 20 miles on days we felt we could do 30”.


In chapter six Collins introduces another concept that I loved, the SMaC Recipe. SMaC was an acronym for specific, methodical and consistent. On page 128 Collin’s and Hanson define the SMaC recipe as  “ a set of durable operating practices that create a replicable and consistent success formula”. In other words, your SMaC recipe was your plan for your 20 Mile March. The march would be specific, methodical and consistent. The SMaC recipe was the details of the 20 Mile March. Collins stated that the SMac recipe was intended to “provide guidance on what to do and what not to do”. As I read about the SMac Recipe the thought came into my mind  was “we have that” and, I liked that thought. At MBSC we are organized with daily schedules to the minute and a well thought out series of progressions and regressions for every exercise. That is our SMac Recipe.


As I read Great By Choice I couldn’t help coming back to thoughts about Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and feeling we were in fact, Great by Choice.  Collins talks about how “managing the tension between consistency and change is one of the greatest challenges for any human enterprise”.  In order to consistently deliver a best-in- class product we need to control growth and, manage change. Great by Choice will help you to do both.

What’s Happening at 3.12.13

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Here is an update on What’s Happening at

We have a lot of great new content:

– We have posted new webinars and some new programs
– My latest article on “Training the Warrior Athlete”
– New audio lecture from the good folks at
– much more

Latest Articles, Videos, Audio Interviews and Webinars

“Influence”– Daniel Martinez
How will you use your influence. Well thought out article from Daniel.

“Training the Warrior-Athlete”
Michael Boyle
The needs of the modern day soldier have evolved from the endurance-based paradigm to a modern day athlete model.

“Origins of the Word ‘Coach'”
Brian Gwaltney
A nice article about an important message.

2 New Webinars-
The Inside/Outside Edge on Agility”Joe Bonyai

“Ideal Form for Running and Sprinting”Tom Michaud Audio Lectures

“Redefining the Warmup”– Brijesh Patel

In the Forums

Advanced Forum
Rowing technique: Dr. Evan Osar vs standard advice
This thread has gotten a ton of play with Dr. Osar joining the discussion.

Beginner Forum
Selling Warm-Ups to Clients?
Topic that comes up a lot with some great responses from some of the industry’s best, including Alwyn Cosgrove, Elsbeth Vaino, Bruce Kelly, Patrick Ward, Mark Mogavero, Jon Rimmer and Geralyn Coopersmith!

The Strength Coach Podcast

There have been 3 great podcasts since we sent our last newsletter:

Episode 117– Gray Cook talks about where we are missing the boat with Corrective Exercise

Episode 118– Anthony interviews Dr. Evan Osar about his book.

Episode 119– Diane Vives talks about a pilot program at a Crossfit affiliate where she is using the FMS.

Listen Here

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Michael Boyle

Another Vote Against Year Round Hockey

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High school season is over and my daughter is signed up for town soccer. Are you looking at spring and summer teams? Read this:

For summer think 1-2 weeks of camp and 1-2 tournaments, that’s it. And that is only if you have a kid like mine who is begging to play every week. This is more of a compromise than I want to make but, I can live with it.

PS-Thanks to Jim Setters of the German National Federation for forwarding this.

1 Million YouTube Views

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A few weeks ago this blog passed one million views. Last week our MBSC Youtube page topped 1 million views. I am amazed at the reach we have created in the field. Thanks to everyone who reads and watches.

If You Child Plays Sports PLEASE Read This

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Take some advice from possible the world’s most famous orthopedic surgeon