What’s Happening at StrengthCoach.com 3.12.13

Here is an update on What’s Happening at StrengthCoach.com.

We have a lot of great new content:

– We have posted new webinars and some new programs
– My latest article on “Training the Warrior Athlete”
– New audio lecture from the good folks at MovementLectures.com
– much more

Latest Articles, Videos, Audio Interviews and Webinars

“Influence”– Daniel Martinez
How will you use your influence. Well thought out article from Daniel.

“Training the Warrior-Athlete”
Michael Boyle
The needs of the modern day soldier have evolved from the endurance-based paradigm to a modern day athlete model.

“Origins of the Word ‘Coach'”
Brian Gwaltney
A nice article about an important message.

2 New Webinars-
The Inside/Outside Edge on Agility”Joe Bonyai

“Ideal Form for Running and Sprinting”Tom Michaud

MovementLectures.com Audio Lectures

“Redefining the Warmup”– Brijesh Patel

In the Forums

Advanced Forum
Rowing technique: Dr. Evan Osar vs standard advice
This thread has gotten a ton of play with Dr. Osar joining the discussion.

Beginner Forum
Selling Warm-Ups to Clients?
Topic that comes up a lot with some great responses from some of the industry’s best, including Alwyn Cosgrove, Elsbeth Vaino, Bruce Kelly, Patrick Ward, Mark Mogavero, Jon Rimmer and Geralyn Coopersmith!

The Strength Coach Podcast

There have been 3 great podcasts since we sent our last newsletter:

Episode 117– Gray Cook talks about where we are missing the boat with Corrective Exercise

Episode 118– Anthony interviews Dr. Evan Osar about his book.

Episode 119– Diane Vives talks about a pilot program at a Crossfit affiliate where she is using the FMS.

Listen Here

Remember, we have added some cool features as well:
Favorites Bar- You can now have a place to store your favorite articles, videos webinars and podcasts! Check out this video on how to use it.

Comment On and Rate Articles– You can now comment on an article by clicking on the “Comment” box under “Share your thoughts on this:” on the bottom of the articles.

View Your Transaction History- If you need a receipt, you can view your “Transaction History” under Member Resources on the left hand side.

Thanks for logging in and thanks to all of our contributors.


Michael Boyle


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