Whole Foods to Label GMO’s by 2018

I wish it would happen sooner but Whole Foods has vowed to label all foods containing GMO’s by 2018.

Read about it here

3 Responses to “Whole Foods to Label GMO’s by 2018”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I have not seen studies but, I think you have to trust your gut ( pun intended).

  2. I avoid GMOs. However, I have trouble finding VALID research on the negative detriments of GMOs.

    Have you found any valid peer-reviewed science on the detriment of GMOs? And not the stuff from mercola.com. While I have a lot of similar health beliefs, there is a lot of pseudoscience and scare tactics used on that website to make sales.

    I know that Europe is banning the GMOs, but they have financial motives to deter away from Monsanto products.

  3. This is something to look into. Yes, I agree with you Mike that it would have been better if this is done the soonest time possible. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Rick Kaselj
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