Great Time Management Tips

My friend Alwyn Cosgrove sent me this link and, the info was both accurate and funny.

Penelope Trunk hits the nail right on the head when she calls out Tim Ferris as a phony. I have never met him but, I have also never met anyone successful who works four hours a week.

Like Penelope I also hate the “I am only checking email twice a day” auto-responder. Like I care how many times you check email. Those auto-responders reek of a combination of self-importance and insecurity.

What they really should say is “I only check email twice a day. I am sending this email so will you will see how incredibly busy and successful I am. I do this to illustrate  my great insecurity and my need to make sure you know that I am really successful “.

Ok, I get it. You’re big time.

Thanks Penelope for hitting the nail on the head, hard. I just subscribed to your blog.


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