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Must Read for All Hockey Parents

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This article is a must read for all hockey parents. It’s scary that parents may try to undermine USA Hockey’s initiative by going to AAU. The biggest obstacle we have to over come in youth sports are parents who think they know something.

Starting Your Own Sports Performance Company?

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I receive this question a few times per year:

Q- I want to know where I need to start if I want to start my own fitness and sports performance company. What type of things do I need to do?

My answers came in the form of a series of questions

1- Would you consider yourself the best trainer/ coach where you work?

2- Do you have a full weeks schedule of paying clients with a waiting list?

3- Do you need to consider hiring or training someone else to help with your overload

4- Do you regularly save 10-20% of your gross earnings every week in an interest bearing account

5- Do you have three months of living expense in this account?


Bottom line, if the answer to any of these is no, you might not be ready to be in business for yourself.

Here’s a great read from Alwyn Cosgrove and Jason Ferrugia called The Business

AirDyne Training

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Yesterday I posted an interval training workout on the AirDyne. A reader asked what a normal week looked like so I thought I’d describe it here.

I ride the bike because I have had two knees surgeries and my knee joints no longer tolerate running. It is a choice made out of necessity.

In a typical week I will ride 4 times. In previous years I would do

4×1 mi

5 mi timed

6-8 x.5 mi

3 mi timed.

I generally don’t ride on Sunday so I would ride 4 out of 6 days. After beginning my BioForce Heart Rate Variability program I realized that four hard rides a week was too much. I now do:

6-8 x .5

a 3 or 5 mi timed ride

Two 7 mi rides trying to keep my heart rate under 150 BPM. I hate these easy, recovery days but have added them to see if I feel better and, I must admit, I do.

Hope this helps.


Real Life Intervals

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I like to post some interval workouts that I have done from time to time for people to be able to compare and contrast.

Just FYI, this one was done on a Big Fan Schwinn Airdyne bike with the newer computer. This means times will be faster.

2 Mile   5:10  Heartrate 155 BPM rest to 110 BPM 60 sec

1 Mile   2:25  Heartrate 165 BPM rest to 110 BPM 80 sec

1 Mile  2:25   Heartrate 169 BPM



Great “Diet” Info

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I think has some of the most honest info on the internet. I know other may disagree but Dr Mercola is trying to fight the big food companies every day. I have no problem with him selling supplements while he does it but, that’s just me. Either way, read this

Obesity- A Threat to Your Daily Life

More on 220- Age

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A reader provided this link to a research piece discussing the 220-age formula that some of you might enjoy.

The Surprising History of the 220-Age Formula

Does the Karvonen Formula Help?

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One reader had suggested using the Karvonen Formula to calculate heart rate ranges which may be a good idea. However, it still doesn’t account for the big fluctuation from the 220 minus age guideline. In fact to use the Karvonen formula you need to know your max. In my mind many older trainees might be afraid to push to higher levels based on the feeling that they are exceeding some theortically safe range? In any case, as you can see below the Karvonen formula actually does a good job of predicting my 90% range. However I know both my max heart rate and my resting heart rate.

Target Heart Rate = ((max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR example

So for me

180-50 = 130  ( Max HR- Resting HR)

130x.9= 117     ( to calculate 90%)

117+50= 167  ( add in resting to get 90%)