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220 Minus Your Age

Posted in MBSC News, Random Thoughts, Updates, Training with tags on June 8, 2013 by mboyle1959

I know that many of us question the 220 minus your age formula. I know I do. I think we have done far too little research in heart rate based training and definitely too little in heart rate based training for older adults. I have found the “220 minus your age” to work for my younger clients but, not for myself or my older clients. We routinely far exceed the limits.

Last week I rode a timed 7 mile Airdyne ride and finished at 180 BPM. At 53, that means I went to 107% of my theoretical max? Today one of my clients hit 165 BPM at 63 years of age during our half mile Airdyne intervals or, about 105%.

Not sure what the lesson is except maybe “don’t believe everything you read”?