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Should You Stick to the Recipe?

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I like analogies. One area that continues to frustrate me is talking to trainers about programming. Often the conversation goes something like this, “I use a little of your stuff, a little of Mark Verstegen’s stuff and mix in a little of …”. In trying to describe how this works or potentially doesn’t work I’ve decided that a food analogy may be the best route. Some people can really cook, others need cookbooks and recipes. Some people write cookbooks, others read cookbooks. Even in the restaurant world, there are cooks and there are chefs. Cooks follow the recipes, chefs create the recipes. Those who know anything about cooking understand that every ingredient in a recipe has a purpose. You wouldn’t bake and simply leave out flour would you? The key is to figure out if you are a cook or a chef. Here are some basic guidelines.

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Great Post on Physique Transformation

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I saw this on the Huffington Post site today. Really amazing.

Physique Transformation?

Mercola Article on Sugar Addiction

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This is another thought provoking article from the site
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Why We Don’t WOD

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I love this piece. I think it is well written and well thought out.

Try to take a few minutes ( it’s rather long) and be objective.

Why We Don’t WOD

These Tips Will Help Any Child or Adult

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The tips below come from a article on the use of ADHD medicines in children but, really make sense for both kids and adults. If your child has skin problems, emotional problems or any other health issues, why not try cleaning up their diet? What do you have to lose?

    1. Severely limit or eliminate fructose from your child’s diet as sugar/fructose has been linked to mental health problemssuch as depression and schizophrenia.
    2. Avoid giving your child ANY processed foods, especially those containing artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. This includes lunchmeats and hot dogs, which are common food staples in many households.
    3. Replace soft drinks, fruit juices, and pasteurized milk with pure water. This is HUGE since high fructose corn syrup is a primary source of calories in children.
    4. Make sure your child is getting large regular doses of healthy bacteria, either with high-quality fermented organic foods and/or high-quality probiotic supplements.
    5. Give your child plenty of high-quality, animal-based omega-3 fats like krill oil. Also, make sure to balance your child’s intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, by simultaneously limiting their intake of vegetable oils.
    6. Include as many whole organic foods as possible in your child’s diet, both to reduce chemical exposure and increase nutrient content of each meal. See my nutrition plan for a comprehensive guide to healthful eating.
    7. Also reduce or eliminate grains from your child’s diet, especially wheat. Beyond the fact that even healthy organic whole grains can cause problems as they too break down into sugars, gluten-containing grains have pharmacologically active peptides that can contribute to cognitive and behavioral issues in susceptible children. Additionally, whole and even sprouted wheat contains physiologically significant amounts of wheat germ agglutinin(WGA), which can have adverse effects on mental health due to its neurotoxic actions. Wheat can also interfere with the production of serotonin, the largest concentration of which can, again, be found in your intestines, not your brain. Try eliminating all gluten-containing grains first for 1-2 weeks and see if you don’t notice a significant improvement in your child’s behavior.
    8. Avoid artificial sweeteners and colors of all kinds.
    9. Make sure your child gets plenty of exercise and outdoor playtime, remembering that midday sunlight provides the UVB wavelengths necessary to produce vitamin D3.
    10. Get them out into the sun to help maintain optimal vitamin D levels. Scientists are now beginning to realize vitamin D is involved in maintaining the health of your brain, as they’ve recently discovered vitamin D receptors in the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system. There’s even evidence indicating vitamin D improves your brain’s detoxification process. For children and pregnant women, getting enough vitamin D is especially crucial, as it may play a major role in protecting infants from autism. If natural sun exposure is not feasible, for whatever reason, you can use either a safe tanning bed or an oral vitamin D3 supplement.
    11. Give your child a way to address his or her emotion health. Even children can benefit from the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which you or an EFT practitioner can teach them to use.
    12. Be sure you are also providing positive praise to your child. Dr. Smith believed parents should be able to say nice things to their child twice as often as they give commands or ask questions. If you are shouting and scolding more than you are complimenting and rewarding your child, it could be contributing to psychiatric problems.
    13. Prevent exposure to toxic metals and chemicals by replacing personal care products, detergents and household cleaners with all natural varieties. Metals like aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury are commonly found in thousands of different food products, household products, personal products and untold numbers of industrial products and chemicals. Also be aware of exposure to metals from vaccinations and dental fillings. The presence of toxic metals in your child’s body is highly significant, as they are capable of causing serious health problems by interfering with normal biological functioning. The health effects range from minor physical ailments to chronic diseases, and altered mood and behavior.

If you think all of this doesn’t matter, ask yourself why we have all of these increases in things like ADHD, autism, celiac disease, and food allergies in children. To deny that the issue is a food/ environmental one is simply foolish. You don’t need to agree with every single item on the list but, don’t reject the premise. Get high fructose corn syrup out of your house, buy a green laundry detergent, start to give your kids Krill Oil a and a probiotic in the AM. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Muscle Up Gone Bad

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I know I shouldn’t do this but I can’t help myself. More Crossfit genius.

Tempo Runs at

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This is the second episode of a series I did for Stack Magazine and In this clip you actually get to see me run. Very similar to Unicorn sitings.

AirDyne Intervals

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Been playing with a 3mi, 2 mi, 1 mi reverse ladder. Amazingly in three attempts the times have ben within 9 sec total .

Jan 2013

3 mi  7:06

2 mi 5:30

1 mi 2:30         Total 15:06

July 8th 2013

3 mi 7:20

2 mi 5:15

1 mi 2:30         Total 15:05

July 16th 2013

3 mi 7:02

2 mi 5:32

1 mi 2:37        Total 15:11

Evolution of a StrengthCoach

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Thought I’d share a clip of my Evolution of a StrengthCoach DVD for readers/ watchers

Books and DVD’s by Mike Boyle  ( DVD is on page 2)

ECA Thrive in Ft Lauderdale Nov 7-10

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be presenting at ECA Thrive in Ft Lauderdale on November 7 and 8. If you want to get a great combination of education and vacation, make sure to check this conference out. This might be the best spot to “present” on my calendar. The Marriot Harbor Beach Resort and Spa is just awesome, right on the ocean with a great pool bar.

I’ll be talking about Core Training on Thursday November 7th from 3:30-5, Functional Training ( lecture) on Friday from 9:30-11 and then following up with a hands on Functional Exercise Progressions Workshop from 11:30-12:30.

ECA Thrive Ft Lauderdale