Evolution of a StrengthCoach

Thought I’d share a clip of my Evolution of a StrengthCoach DVD for readers/ watchers

Books and DVD’s by Mike Boyle  ( DVD is on page 2)

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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Greg- that is just a statement of the reality of publishing. I’m only concerned with educating people. If people choose not to buy products, it is entirely up to them. Some things stand the test of time well. My first book Functional Training for Sports has actually aged well but the core chapter is really out of date?

  2. If it is true that a newly published book is out of date and its positions may no longer be believed even by the author, why would I click on the link to view Mike’s books and DVDs?

  3. Funny, I just listened to the Fitcast this morning episode 250 with Cosgrove. He was speaking about New Rules For Lifting and how the first book was three years old at the time of release and many programs were no longer being done at Results Fitness.

  4. I was confused for a sec, got it confused with your Evolution of a Powerlifter talk from FSC. I loved that segment.

  5. narinaanne Says:

    Nathan – here is the link to Mike Boyle’s blog.


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