Why We Don’t WOD

I love this piece. I think it is well written and well thought out.

Try to take a few minutes ( it’s rather long) and be objective.

Why We Don’t WOD

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  1. Great read.

    Crossfit is huge in my community and my facility has to constantly battle the uneducated adult who wants to put their child in it for performance on the football field or volleyball court. Not to mention the influx of adults we have had to our program who are “ex-crossfitters.” Many coming to us with shoulder injuries, back injuries, meniscus tears, the list goes on. To many crossfit coaches are uneducated and have fallen into a cultish community that injures people with no means or education to fix their mistakes.

    We have several orthos in our adult program as well as an anesthesiologist who see people regularly for crossfit related injuries. The anesthesiologist put down 3 people in a row in one day for crossfit injuries. Any program that you can visit their homesite and see an endless forum on injuries is simply a joke. I personally know someone through a friend who had a seizure doing a kipping pull-up and fell and broke her back. When she recovered she returned to crossfit. (Idiot)

    Crossfit is good for one thing, those training for the games. And those dudes/chicks are beasts. But in no way is it ethical (should be illegal) to recommend it to an athlete looking for performance gains, or an adult looking for a healthy lifestyle. Crossfit is a cancer and it will kill itself.

  2. I have been lucky enough to be in LE for 27 years and working out (training) for over 30. I have been saying this exact thing since the CF boom started. The principle is fine, the competition and injuries are not. Use the exercises to customize to your personal workout. Be creative in your own ways to work out. Know how to push yourself and when to stop and not get hurt. In the same way you can’t help a citizen if you crash your car on the way to the call, you won’t be fit and strong if your injured.

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