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Next Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Mentorship

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Just want to let everyone know we have opened registration for our next mentorship Sept 16-19th. These fill up fast and only happen 2-3 times a year so make plans to come to Boston in September.

The “All I Need is One Dumbbell” Workout

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Every year we get questions about in-season workouts, workouts on the road, workouts on vacation or workouts in a hotel. The truth is you can actually get a great workout in with only one dumbbell.

Take a dumbbell that will be challenging for dumbbell rows ( challenging but, not the heaviest you could use, think 80%) and then do the following

Goblet Split Squat  x10 ea leg

Pushup x10-20 ( no dumbbell needed)

1 Leg Straight Leg Deadlift x10 ea leg ( dumbbell in hand)

DB Row x10

Do this circuit 3-4 times and you will have a great total body workout with only one dumbbell.


Air Dyne Intervals

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Just wanted to post my last two sets of intervals.


2 mi  5:20 Warm-up

1 mi 2:30  159

1 mi 2:35  165

.5 mi 1:15 160

.5 mi 1:12 162


2 mi  5:10 Warm-up

1 mi 2:30  156

1 mi 2:30  165

What’s Happening at

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 Here is an update on What’s Happening at


We have a lot of great new content:
– a new article from me on Training Kids
– 26 minute video from Gray Cook
– 2-part Al Vermeil interview on the Strength Coach Podcast
– some great new forum discussions

Latest Articles, Videos, Audio Interviews
Video- Gray Cook on the Chop & Lift (from “Key Functional Exercises You Should Know)

On Target Publications was nice enough to give us Exclusive content from Gray and Lee’s new video.  The video is 26 minutes long and the have also given members a 20% discount on the DVD package!  Check it out here:

Permission- Brad Kaczmarski
If you have been in this field for a long time you have gone through the curve. This is: thinking you know everything, thinking you know nothing, getting settled with what you believe and what you do. 

What I Learned From Coaching Kids, Again- Michael Boyle
I must admit, I had grand visions. I am such a great teacher/ coach that I would whip this group into shape in no time. Well, maybe not. Instead, these young women taught or re-taught me some valuable lessons.

U-Bar Rear Foot Elevated Split SquatsKevin Carr Audio Lectures


In the Forums

Advanced Forum

Leptin and HIIT    

Beginner Forum
Warmup Sets

This thread turned out to get a lot of responses from some top coaches, including Justin Levine, Elsbeth Vaino, Dan Silver, John Ciani, Mark Brubeck and Alwyn Cosgrove.

The Strength Coach Podcast
Episode 126 & 127– Anthony has a 2 part interview with Al Vermeil that is not to be missed!
Episode 127.5– Special episode where Anthony interviews Gray Cook on all things Functional Exercise.

Listen Here

Thanks for logging in and thanks to all of our contributors.

Michael Boyle

Stack Elite Performance Series- Teaching the Squat

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I recently filmed a series of videos for my friends at Stack Magazine and . The first in the series is a pretty good breakdown of how to teach the squat.

Great Vitamin D Article

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I know some readers don’t like the Mercola stuff but, I must admit I do.