Are There No Bad Exercises?

“There are no bad exercises, just bad application”

I like the guy that wrote this but, vigourously disagree. Here’s a list of some bad exercises. Feel free to add your own.

Bad Exercises

Bench Dips-  the bench dip position is a terrible position to put the shoulder joint in. There is no way around it. A bad exercise.

Dips- ditto for above. Just because a few people can do them and not get hurt doesn’t make it a good exercise. I used to love dips and have the scar to prove it. PS, I did them perfect so don’t tell me they are OK if you do them correctly.

Behind the Neck Pulldown- Trying to pull something down behind the heads place too much external rotation on the shoulder. Another bad exercise that no one should ever do again.

Most machine lower body exercises- Leg press, leg extension, leg curl? Need I go on. Leg Press? If you are on your back pushing up with your feet in any sport I know you are in a real bad spot. Sitting down to kick? Heels to butt while lying on your stomach?

I think there are actually a lot of bad exercises. Just one man’s opinion.


4 Responses to “Are There No Bad Exercises?”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I guess I’d just agree to disagree. I’m not a leg press or leg extension fan.

  2. Completely agree with bench dips, normal dips, and behind the neck pressing/pulling as the risk of injury involved far out-weighs any potential benefits…but I can’t go as far as to say that leg press/curls are actually BAD exercises, they are just pretty low on the “functional” totem pole, if you will. When done correctly, in the proper population, I have never seen anything to suggest they’re necessarily harmful, they’re just not all that effective. Good exercises? Probably not. But BAD? I wont go quite that far until I see some evidence of that they’re an injury risk when performed 100% properly.

  3. drewlandonlittle Says:

    BOSU squats in a smith machine. Trying to be unstable and then take that away with the added stability of a smith machine? Makes sense

  4. drewlandonlittle Says:

    BOSU ball squats in a smith machine. I see some endurance athletes doing this exercise and I wonder why do they try to be unstable with a BOSU and then add stability back with a smith machine?

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