Advice from a Real Doctor

This was an actual Dr’s note sent to me by a trainer. It’s nice to see that Dr’s are getting specific about things to avoid when injured.Dr._Note


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Usually the good ones don’t really do Crossfit.

  2. It is really too bad that all of CrossFit is lumped together as a whole. Some have no idea what they are doing, some are fantastic.

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    Couldn’t agree more Mike

  4. […] Mike Boyle – Advice from a real doctor. Ehkä hieman kärjistetty teksti (tai oikeammin kuva), mutta keskivertoliikkujalle siinä voi olla paljonkin totuutta. […]

  5. Ahhh, alright then.

    It is a bit comical that it’s catching on now with mainstream medical professionals that Crossfit is a high-risk program.

    I believe we share the same (negative) sentiments regarding Crossfit.

  6. mboyle1959 Says:

    Mark- it’s not really sarcastic. I just loved that a Dr is now cautioning his patients against Crosfit.

  7. Coach Boyle, I’m guessing this is posted in a sarcastic manner, right?

    If so, then you just echo my thoughts exactly. Modern medicine indeed sucks – I’ve written about this before –

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