If You Train Adults Please Read This

This is a great article from the Mercola site about the potential dangers of endurance training.

2 Responses to “If You Train Adults Please Read This”

  1. Rick Vendlinski Says:

    I think many people take a reasonable approach to endurance training, and many do not. Are there negative consequences associated with excessive strength training? Do many people overtrain in the gym?

    In my mind this raises the question, “whether it be a strength athlete, field athlete, or endurance athlete, is elite sports performance compatible with long-term health”? I love sports and would like to think so, but I’m not so sure.

  2. I coach and train all kinds of endurance athletes, mainly cyclists Road, MTB, CX, Motocross and Triathlete of all levels from beginners to pro and Olympic athletes. Many endurance athletes are under the impression that more is better and better for their health, though not ones I work with we have the conversation about the risks and dangers very early on. Like any training for any sport it can always be taken to far, and like most other sports there are risks associated, there is no free lunch. I suggest that everyone take a look at ithlete to measure and track HRV this technology is awesome to help anyone manage their training loads be it endurance based or whatever. http://myithlete.com

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