Perform Better Germany

Just got back from the Perform Better Summit in Germany with my friends Gray Cook and Martin Rooney. Myself, my partner Bob Hanson and our wives spent a great weekend in Germany. We got see my good friends Shad Forsythe and Darcy Norman who are working the German National Team. Just a great weekend. Thanks to Christian Jund for all his hard work.

Hands-on session at the Perform Better Summit in Munich

Hands-on session at the Perform Better Summit in Munich


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  1. I love your approach to getting the joints healthy and focusing on the core as the pillar of all health. It’s still amazing to me that it has taken the world so long to catch up to this knowledge. I know you have been teaching in this way for over a decade.

    It’s fun to stay on the cutting-edge with your blog.

    Thank you!

  2. If I made you think I accomplished my goal.

  3. Coach, thanks to you and Bob for taking the time to travel, for your generosity with your knowledge, and for shaking things up, inimitably 😉
    We’re still scratching our heads, trying to come up with a plausible hypothesis regarding the discrepancy between bi- and unilateral strength results…I fear the scratching may continue for some time….

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