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Exercise Progressions Series- Core Training Progressions

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In my talks last year a lot of the focus was on the training progressions we use at MBSC. However, the slides that contained the progressions were tough to read. I decided over the next few weeks to post a bunch of them here instead of emailing people the sheets. I’m going to start with Anti-Extension Core Training Progressions:

The first and simplest anti-extension exercise is a front plank. The front plank is simple and probably doesn’t warrant a video.

Next on the progression list would be a Stability Ball Rollout. This might be my favorite anti-extension exercise.

Next would be plank slides

followed by Wheel Rollouts

then Bodysaws

and lastly Front Plank Rows- in the front plank row and plank slides we get a combination of anti-rotation and anti-extension

These clips are from Joint by Joint Approach to Warm-up and Training and Functional Strength Coach Vol 3