Exercise Progressions Series- Core Training Progressions

In my talks last year a lot of the focus was on the training progressions we use at MBSC. However, the slides that contained the progressions were tough to read. I decided over the next few weeks to post a bunch of them here instead of emailing people the sheets. I’m going to start with Anti-Extension Core Training Progressions:

The first and simplest anti-extension exercise is a front plank. The front plank is simple and probably doesn’t warrant a video.

Next on the progression list would be a Stability Ball Rollout. This might be my favorite anti-extension exercise.

Next would be plank slides

followed by Wheel Rollouts

then Bodysaws

and lastly Front Plank Rows- in the front plank row and plank slides we get a combination of anti-rotation and anti-extension

These clips are from Joint by Joint Approach to Warm-up and Training and Functional Strength Coach Vol 3



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  1. A much better reference would be this one from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

    Willardson, J. M. (2007). Core stability training: applications to sports conditioning programs. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 21(3), 979-985.

  2. Yes, I agree that there were parts of the article that I didn’t agree with seeing that it did seem to bash the concept. However, there were bits and pieces that I thought helped. Probably not the best article to reference to for core training in general, but it did share a good point here and there.

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Jaison- if I remember that article correctly, I felt it had a strong bias? I tired to read the entire article on PubMed but couldn’t get it. I thought it sort of trashed the whole “core training” idea?

  4. I am so glad to see that more people are understanding the importance of core strength and the progression that needs to be implemented throughout a program. As a strength and conditioning coach for a university, it is very important to me to make sure that I continue to keep athletes healthy through core strength while in-season training is going on. During off-season training, progressions in core strength means the ability to perform different exercises that call for very high core strength. There is an article I read that goes on to tell about the importance of core strength, and also how much it has been neglected by so many in the elite athlete field.

    Optimizing Performance by Improving Core Stability and Core Strength.

    Hibbs, A. E., Thompson, K. G., French, D., Wrigley, A., & Spears, l. (2008). Optimizing Performance by Improving Core Stability and Core Strength. Sports Medicine, 38(12), 995-1008.

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