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Pushup Progressions

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Here is a simple horizontal push progression in our continuing series of progressions. We like to look at “loading tools” and “teaching tools”. For teaching tools we like planks, squeezing an airex between the knees to tighten the core, and chin tucks. I like to cue “chest down, not chin down” as most people “peck” with their head.

For loading we use both weight vests and plates. Plates are quicker, vests work better. Depends on your situation.

1-Incline Pushup- my standard joke, “the only good use for a Smith Machine” Make sure the wrist stays stiff.

Heres another version

2- Pushup- nothing fancy here but we want to get to flat ground with great form.

a simple progression is to add a weight vest

3- Feet Elevated Pushup- an exercise bench works great here

4- BOSU Pushup ( feet elevated)- I’m not a huge BOSU fan but I do love upper body instability.

5- Weighted Pushup ( feet elevated) –

6- BOSU/ Weighted/ Feet Elevated- heres one of my 60+ clients with a great demo

7- Rings/ Weighted/ Feet Elevated

The bottom line is you can really progress pushups. Don’t view them as a bodyweight exercise, view them as a strength exercise. If you can do ten, make it harder.