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More Scary Environmental Stuff

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Read this piece on the number one use of corn. The number one calories source in our diet and, guess what else…

The Number One Use of Corn

Saturday Morning Motivation- Show This to Your Team!

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I’ve been lucky enough to share some amazing video with all of you. Please watch this one. Just click the link. You won’t be sorry.

I Have a New Hero- Read This

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I teared up as I read this. Absolutely amazing. Next time one of my athletes complains, I’ll resist the urge to strangle them and ask them to read this.

John Gillooly- Classical High’s Kicker Won’t Be Denied

I Dan John’d Him

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I had a post on my Facebook page in response to this video on teaching the squat. The person posting said “I Dan John’ed him” and it worked. What he meant was he tried the Goblet Squat and it made a big change. Click the link to see how.


The Cost of Development?

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Great article from the folks at USA Hockey on development.

How Much Should Development Cost?

Squats for Subway Tickets? We Need This in the US!

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How cool is this. Thanks to my friend Dave Trevino.

A Great Cause- Did You Get Your Shirt Yet?

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They are doing some great things at InnerCity Weightlifting.

Help out here:

Hear their story here:

Watch what they are doing here: