More Scary Environmental Stuff

Read this piece on the number one use of corn. The number one calories source in our diet and, guess what else…

The Number One Use of Corn

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  1. So true Coach, so true. I just think it’s important to realize how entrenched Big Food has become with Big Oil, healthcare, the EPA, and thus all government. If the problem is so complex, a single detail won’t solve it, at least at the policy level. It’s hard to see how a contaminated system can propose a fix to itself.

    The only thing that can change the tide is how we vote with our wallets. So Mercola has a good point there. But corn and subsidies aren’t going anywhere.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    I can always count on Max to be the voice of reason or neutrality. I still like the Doc for his rabble rousing ability. We’ve got big problems in the food world.

  3. Lots left out here by the Doc. The US’s main trade positive is grain exports. Without that we’d be in far worse economic shape. The Farm Bill is omnibus for a reason: otherwise critical programs like SNAP (food stamps) would never get funded.

    Ask yourself: are you willing to trade some subsidy to help poor kids eat? No right answer, but it’s a serious question…with the current state of politics the two issues will never be separated.

    I’m all for reducing GMO – we should switch to other grasses besides corn for ethanol production. But it’s far more complicated than Mercola suggests.

  4. Beware of the ones that make you afraid of it then tell you who’s to blame for it.

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