MBSC Voted #1 in America for 2013

Once again Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning has been voted the best gym in America. Men’s Health named us America’s top gym in 2010 and now The Active Times has declared us the best in 2013.  I can’t say it any better than editor Katie Rosenbrock from Active Times did:

“Athletes who train at MBSC have access to some of the best performance enhancing training programs and personal trainers in the entire country. Mike Boyle’s influence reaches far beyond the gym’s three Massachusetts locations though. With a blog full of valuable training tips and an informative podcast that shares many of the renowned gym’s fundamentals with athletes and fitness professionals all over the world, MBSC is much more than just a gym. Dubbed the fitness facility with the most knowledgeable staff by one reader, this gym earned our number one spot not only because of its top-notch staff, but also because of the passionate community of enthusiastic exercisers that it has inspired.”

It’s awesome to see our staff get the accolades they deserve!




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    Great Job from Mike Boyle and the MBSC- Team!

  2. Congrats too that 😉

  3. Brian Cioci Says:

    Great Job!

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