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A friend contacted me the other day looking for some simple advice to get back in shape. I thought I would share it with everyone.

“I can make it simple. Walk 30 minutes a day, drastically change your diet ( think protein and vegetables only), lift twice a week on a simple total body program ( see my post on the 1 dumbbell workout). Start taking a fish oil and a vit D supplement if your Dr approves. Aim for weight loss of 1 lb per week. Weigh yourself every AM on the same scale at the same time.It is simple but, not easy.”

That’s it, simple but not easy. 


2 Responses to “Simple Advice”

  1. Yes i will agree. 30 minutes a day of walking or taking massive action of cardiovascular exercises 5 -6 days a week and cutting back on carbohydrates and any bad eating and drinking habits and drinking plenty of water will get us in better shape and health in the next 30 days. What you mentioned about including strength training twice to three times will certainly give us an edge of getting into shape. But you are right, its simple but not easy for most people, because the hardest part is to change certain eating and drinking habits that we are used to, and to come out of our comfort zone to get in the regular exercise.

  2. Jack Lemmon Says:

    Couldn’t agree more…people seem to over-complicate fitness in general. They overlook the fact that the key is to essentially become a “master of the mundane”. Consistency. The solution to this seems to be going through a paradigm shift. A mental makeover, if you will.

    Personally, I’ve been using a book called Body of A Spartan to get back into shape and it’s pretty awesome. I found it to be unique because it not only lays out a super simple training method, but it also kicks you into gear mentally. I read a friend’s copy of 30 Days of Discipline and they work amazingly well in conjunction to change your mindset.

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