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Women’s Olympic Hockey Schedule

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Click here to see the schedule of the Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey games.

Sat., Feb. 8 3 a.m. Finland NBCSN Live 6 p.m. NBCSN
Mon., Feb. 10 5 a.m. Switzerland NBCSN Live 5 p.m. NBCSN
Wed., Feb. 12 7:30 a.m. Canada NBCSN Live 5 p.m. NBCSN
Sat., Feb. 15 TBD Quarterfinals NBCSN Live TBD
Mon., Feb. 17 TBD Semifinals NBCSN Live TBD
Thu., Feb. 20 7 a.m. Bronze Medal Game NBCSN Live 3 p.m. NBCSN
12 p.m. Gold Medal Game NBC Live 5 p.m. NBCSN

Nice Profile of Julie Chu

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We are gearing up for Sochi. Here’s a nice profile on Daily Burn on our own Julie Chu.

The Assault Air Bike

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I don’t get excited about a new product very often but the Assault Air Bike is the souped up AirDyne we always wished someone would make (and it’s not a Schwinn). I know, it looks just like the AirDyne but that is until you look closely. Every part of the old AirDyne that broke down has been changed. The pedal assembly is one piece which is key. I’ve been on it for three week and love it. A word of caution, they changed the gears and it is much harder. By my estimates 40% harder. This means harder workouts and more durability.  The bike has a built in Tabata ( 20/10) and a built in 10/20 for quick, tough rides. Get one and ride it, you’ll be sold. We are going to get 9 more soon.

The Assault Air Bike

Cook and McGill at Stanford

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Thanks to Patrick Ward for this excellent review

Pat’s blog is 

Cook and McGill at Stanford 

How Much is Too Much Hockey?

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The scary part about this article is that a lot of us can read this and know we participate in this foolishness.

Thanks to Ken Campbell for writing this.

How Much is Too Much Hockey for Young Players?

Maximum Aerobic Speed Intervals

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The concept of maximum aerobic speed has come up more frequently in the literature. Dan Baker defined it as the average speed over a six minute time trial. I have modified this to be the average speed on a 3 mi AirDyne test. The test takes just over 7 minutes for a well conditioned athlete on a small fan model. By establishing the maximal aerobic speed you can assume that this corresponds to the velocity at V02 max. By doing this you can then get 120% for your interval work.

In my case Maximum Aerobic Speed = Level 7

120% = Level 8.4

Today I did 6x.5 mi at level 8.4 with recovery down to 110 Beats Per Minute.

Time   HR    Rest

1:10     134    :34

1:10    155     :55

1:10    157     :60

1:10    160    :60

1:10    161     :60

1:10   162

Ireland Seminar Registration

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I just got the sign up link for the March 29th seminar in Ireland. If you are interested, click the link below.

Ireland Seminar Registration 

Four Foods That Accelerate Aging

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You don’t need to buy anything but, look at this page. The info is really good even if it is a sales page.

Another Case for Grass Fed Meat?

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I know I have a few readers who think Dr. Mercola is a quack but, I continue to read his information and it is compelling.

Guys at the Gym

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This is both funny and true. Take a second and watch.