New Year’s Resolution: 365 Days Better: “One Day” at a Time

My good friend Anthony Donskov wrote this, not me. Don’t give me any credit except for publishing it. 

We all have a New Years Resolution.  A grand idea or lofty goal set to improve our lifestyle, career, relationships and personal life.  It may be to loose weight, train harder, have more balance, embrace relationships, learn something new, and set the gears high to begin an unknown journey.  Truth be told, each and every year when faced with this New Years challenge, I’m hard pressed to find one area of focus, one area of improvement, one key area that needs to be highlighted over all the rest!  The older I get, the more I realize how much I have to learn, how important relationships are, how right my parents have always been, that balance is important, that the first step is always the hardest, and showing emotion isn’t weakness, it’s courageous.  When faced with all of these important life goals, I have chosen to “hack” my New Years Resolution, to break it into tiny pieces and attempt to live it each day.  My objective: become 365 days better…”one day” at a time.

I’m not a motivational speaker, pom pom waving cheerleader or talk show host, but I do know that small attainable goals can be acted on immediately, are rewarding, and provide a sense of accomplishment, a sense of purpose, a sense of pride.  In the next 365 days, every day matters, every moment counts, every second is a blessing.

Don’t pass up the up the chance to tell someone that you love them.   Life is short; let them know how much you care!  Hug your parents; thank them for all they have done, their love, support and unwavering commitment.  Most of the time, they were right all along!  Thanks Dad!  Provide “balance”, from work, relationships, and for personal time.  Spend more time playing the guitar, writing poetry, music and your thoughts on paper.  Perform at open mic night!  Write a love letter.  Learn something new everyday, more education, less social media, TV, and negativity!  Laugh, cry, smile, congratulate, stand proud, believe in yourself, be confident, determined, dedicated, and stay hungry, scared, simple, and foolish.  Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.  Take a deep breath, and take the first step.  Be transformational, challenging, caring, firm, disciplined, organized, thoughtful, respectful and fair.  Breathe and never take life for granted.  Remember those who have helped shape your path.  Thank them for this!  You are not where you are today without the help of a parent, role model, Coach, teacher or friend!  Remember those that are no longer here, cherishing memories, pictures and thoughts.  As Gandhi once said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.”

There are no guarantees in 2014!  My New Years Resolution is to choose at least one thing from my New Years “Hack List” and act on it each day.  365 Days better, one day at a time…one day better!


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  1. Thats true, there are no guarantees in 2014, but I like what you said, 365 Days to get better, one day at a time. Sometimes it is a real struggle, but most of the time it is really rewarding when we do those things that really gives us a great sense of achievement at the end of the day.

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