Bill Knowles Interview on the Strength Coach Podcast

Check out the latest Strength Coach Podcast for an interview with Bill Knowles and you’ll understand why I really wanted him to speak at the MBSC Winter Seminar this Saturday, January 18.

Highlights of Episode 139: Listen Here
“Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach”Bill Knowles talks about the lecture from the MBSC Winter Seminar and the Perform Better Circuit, “Reconditioning: A Performance Based Model for Injured Athletes”.  Bill talked about why he doesn’t like the term “prehab”; how coaches and therapists should be working together; “a Joint Compromised Athlete is a Load Compromised Athlete” and so much more.
 “The Coach’s Corner with Coach Boyle”Coach Boyle talks about eye position in the clean, Trap bar jumps, programing anti-rotation/chop & lifts and using isometric holds.

“Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better”Erin McGirr joins us to talk about the latest sale and different vertical jump testing equipment.

“The Business of Fitness” with Results Fitness University Mike Wunsch continues his series on “Coaching different Personality Profiles”

“The Art of Coaching with Athletes’ Performance”- Calin Butterfield continues his series on Olympic Weightlifting.  Today he talks about programming considerations.

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