Maximum Aerobic Speed Intervals

The concept of maximum aerobic speed has come up more frequently in the literature. Dan Baker defined it as the average speed over a six minute time trial. I have modified this to be the average speed on a 3 mi AirDyne test. The test takes just over 7 minutes for a well conditioned athlete on a small fan model. By establishing the maximal aerobic speed you can assume that this corresponds to the velocity at V02 max. By doing this you can then get 120% for your interval work.

In my case Maximum Aerobic Speed = Level 7

120% = Level 8.4

Today I did 6x.5 mi at level 8.4 with recovery down to 110 Beats Per Minute.

Time   HR    Rest

1:10     134    :34

1:10    155     :55

1:10    157     :60

1:10    160    :60

1:10    161     :60

1:10   162


20 Responses to “Maximum Aerobic Speed Intervals”

  1. Devan McConnell Says:

    Which intervals? .5mile, .3mile? Any/All? I found my AVG Watts yesterday. Will have to try out 120% today.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    A lot of the new interval research points to 120% of maximum aerobic speed as the “sweet spot”?

  3. Devan McConnell Says:

    Mike, what are you then trying to achieve by maintaining interval outputs at 120% VO2?

  4. Well, I’m not in great shape ( though not bad) and the 6.6 from the display is consistent with what I saw throughout the ride. I could have ridden faster, but probably not much under 7:00. My HR was at 167 when I stopped, and max is typically in mid to low 170s.

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    Tim- You would be at 130 to 140%. That would tell me that you are either really fit , you could do 3 miles faster, or your avg level is off. Did the 6.6 come from the display or did you guess?

  6. Mike,
    First, I love it when you post Airdyne challenges, but this one puzzles me a little. I have a small fan, and did three miles in 7:13 at an average level of 6.6. Now, I could have gone a little faster, but not much. According to your formula, that would mean level 7.9, let’s say 8, is 120%. I usually do 6-8 .5 miles between level 9 and 10, with recovery to 60 to 65%. It’s a killer. Level 8 would not seem to be the same challenge. Just a dumb guy asking if I am missing something.

  7. mboyle1959 Says:

    There is no vent. It is calculated based on RPM. Level, RPM and MPH all increase as work increases?

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