Maximum Aerobic Speed Intervals

The concept of maximum aerobic speed has come up more frequently in the literature. Dan Baker defined it as the average speed over a six minute time trial. I have modified this to be the average speed on a 3 mi AirDyne test. The test takes just over 7 minutes for a well conditioned athlete on a small fan model. By establishing the maximal aerobic speed you can assume that this corresponds to the velocity at V02 max. By doing this you can then get 120% for your interval work.

In my case Maximum Aerobic Speed = Level 7

120% = Level 8.4

Today I did 6x.5 mi at level 8.4 with recovery down to 110 Beats Per Minute.

Time   HR    Rest

1:10     134    :34

1:10    155     :55

1:10    157     :60

1:10    160    :60

1:10    161     :60

1:10   162


20 Responses to “Maximum Aerobic Speed Intervals”

  1. For maximum Aerobic speed intervals, i think regular sprint training of 40, 60 , 80, and 100 percent 2 – 3 times a week is great, combined with endurance training.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    In these cases the intervals tend to more 1-1 or even 1=1/2. Similar to Tabata.

    30-30 ( .2’s), min-min etc.

  3. Devan McConnell Says:

    Didn’t quite seem right…292 watts was 120% of my average from the 3mile, but it resulted in about :50 .3mile sprints, HR only about 80% max, and took about :45 of rest to 60%

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