The Assault Air Bike

I don’t get excited about a new product very often but the Assault Air Bike is the souped up AirDyne we always wished someone would make (and it’s not a Schwinn). I know, it looks just like the AirDyne but that is until you look closely. Every part of the old AirDyne that broke down has been changed. The pedal assembly is one piece which is key. I’ve been on it for three week and love it. A word of caution, they changed the gears and it is much harder. By my estimates 40% harder. This means harder workouts and more durability.  The bike has a built in Tabata ( 20/10) and a built in 10/20 for quick, tough rides. Get one and ride it, you’ll be sold. We are going to get 9 more soon.

The Assault Air Bike


4 Responses to “The Assault Air Bike”

  1. Keiser Total Body Trainer is better!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Mike. Please have all your followers email me directly for orders

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    It is a beast. A 3 mile ride is equivalent to an AirDyne 5.

  4. Whenever I continue building my home gym, this is the bike I want to include in it!!

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