Earners are Learners

I’m reading one of my new favorite books Aspire ( thank you Chris Poirier) and had to share this portion from the chapter on humility.

The book was written by Franklin-Covey  Vice President Kevin Hall. In the chapter on humility Hall talks about a study done at Franklin /Covey to determine “what separated our top producers, those who made several hundred thousands dollars a year, from those who made one tenth of that.”

In the words of the consultants employed by Hall  “earners are learners”.

“Our top performers, without exception, were avid and devoted learners. They were constantly taking in new information and using it. We found that each read over two dozen books a year. They were tireless in educating themselves in a variety of topics- especially about the needs of their clients.  It seems as though they knew their clients better than their clients knew themselves… Even though they were at the top of their profession, the people everyone else in the company looked up to or envied, none of them thought they knew it all. They demonstrated humility by continually seeking to leaner more, aspiring to always move to a new level of experience and expertise”.

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  1. Thanks for the fuel to keep pursuing being a better coach.

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