The Assault Air Bike- Update 1

I love the Assault Air Bike. As I mentioned a few days ago it’s a juiced up Schwinn Airdyne that won’t break.

I really love the 20/10 ( Tabata) and 10/20 built in’s. It is so easy to get a good quick interval workout in.

I’ve done 3 workouts of 20/10 followed by 10/20, a bunch or three mile rides, and one 5 mi ride. The bike is about forty percent harder than the Airdyne. This means that a 3 mi Assault Air  is roughly equal to a 5 mi Airdyne based on time and effort. I provided an AirDyne time in the chart for comparison in the last column.

Workout   Distance Covered   Work RPM     Time        AirDyne Time

20/10          .8, .9 and 1 mi.       70 RPM

10/20           .7.8.9                    75 RPM

3 mi                                          62 RPM                11:28           6:55

5  mi                                         58-60 RPM          19:56           11:52


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