Another Case for Organic Meats?

More from our good friend Dr. Mercola. I love how much criticism a guy for trying to do good things for the public.

What the FDA Knew ( and Hid) About Anti-biotics in Animal Feed

One Response to “Another Case for Organic Meats?”

  1. I’ve subscribed to mercola for a while. A lot of the time he sends out emails with similar messages like exercise smarter, eat less sugar, eat less junk, pay attention to what Monsanto are doing, eat fermented foods, stop jogging at 6am for an hour, stop chronic exercise, manage insulin levels for better health, your meds are killing you maybe. What he says makes sense, and if he thinks what he preaches is no longer valid he says so. If people did what he advised I think the world would be better off. Definitely helped me discover people like yourself Mike. I think when your picking fights with such powerful agencies and corporations as he does you will always get criticised, I suspect its organised.

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