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Understanding Sports Hernias

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I wrote an article a few years ago called  “Understanding Sports Hernias.”

An area that has become of increasing interest to me, and to many others in the fields of performance enhancement and physical therapy, is the area of sports hernia. It seems like every week another athlete is having surgery for a ‘sports hernia”. In order to begin to understand the concept of sports hernia, the first thing we need to do is attempt to describe a sports hernia. In the technical sense, the sports hernia is a tear in the lower abdominal wall in the inguinal area. Unlike a classic inguinal hernia there is rarely a significant tear that results in a bulge. Rather there is a gradual onset of pain in the lower abdominal area, usually beginning as groin pain.”

I also recorded a lecture I did on the same topic  . If you are interested the full article is on my site. You need to be a member to access it.

Understanding Sports Hernia May Mean Understanding Adduction 

Bottom line is that nothing is as simple as it appears. The adductors don’t adduct, some flex and adduct and some extend and adduct but adduction is really a concept out of an anatomy book, not the real world.