GMO’s- Ban Them or Label Them?

Genetically modified foods are a huge concern these days. Should they be banned or just labelled?

Read this and see what you think?

5 Responses to “GMO’s- Ban Them or Label Them?”

  1. Vince moya Says:

    Thanks a bunch! I follow your work like crazy. You’re a huge part of me wanting to be more successful in the fitness industry

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    Vince- look for a post on Monday with an answer. I don’t want to bury it in a GMO comment.

  3. Vince moya Says:

    When you are in the strength phase for a specific sport that doesn’t require you to be brutally strong(basketball, baseball,tennis) would you train to be as strong as possible(how they do in football) or would you still stay fundamentally sound?

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    Only if you asked the question?

  5. vince moya Says:

    I have a question that is completely off topic… could you help?

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