Nice Piece on Breathing Pattern Disorders from Mike Reinhold

Mike Reinold did a nice piece on breathing pattern disorders on his blog.

Breathing is the next big thing, especially if you work in the adult fitness market. I think a lot of us ex-meatheads are seeing the value of a few minutes of deep breathing.


2 Responses to “Nice Piece on Breathing Pattern Disorders from Mike Reinhold”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Yes, we have an A and a B or a Day 1, Day 2 workout. They are similar but different. The less experienced the athlete the more similar. Total body each day, push, pull, knee dominant, hip dominant, core.

  2. vince moya Says:

    Another strength question. In doing a strength training program it calls to change up the routine every 4 weeks. Would you do a different workout each time the athlete comes in? Or would you do the same workout progressing each session? In example if the athlete comes twice a week, there is an “A” workout and “B”. Would I keep those same two workouts just progressing for the 4 weeks?

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