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The Value of Sleep

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Great post about the value of sleep. I know personally I’ve struggled with the issue of decreasing sleep to increase work and I know it’s a mistake. You only have two big recovery methods. One is eating, the other is sleeping.

Here’s an excerpt

“One of the easiest ways to gauge whether you’ve slept enough is to assess your level of sleepiness the next day. For example, if you had the opportunity, would you be able to take a nap? Do you need caffeine to keep you going? Answering yes to these two questions would indicate you need more and/or better sleep.”

Take a second and read.

PodCast with Robbie Bourke- Audio University

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Here’s a link to a podcast I just completed with Robbie Bourke from Ireland in preparation for our upcoming Ireland Seminar on March 29.

Episode 41- All Things Strength and Wellness- Interview w/ Michael Boyle

Another Great Read

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Earners are Learners. The post originated from the book Aspire- Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words.  I always think the best recommendation for a book is when I buy it for my staff. I bought 25 copies of Aspire for my staff and just counted over 30 dog eared pages in my copy. If you don’t have an Amazon account, open one today and make Aspire your first purchase.

More Vitamin D Evidence

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Here’s another article from the Mercola Files about the value of supplemental Vitamin D. I struggle to see why the anti-supplement can’t see what seems to be overwhelming evidence?

Vitamin D

Hang Clean Teaching Progression

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Almost fifteen years ago I made a VHS tape called Teaching Olympic Lifts to Athletes. Thousands of coaches and athletes have used the progressions over the years to learn and to teach their athletes to Olympic lift. The progression has been so successful that we never really changed. I still send people back to that old VHS. About five years ago we discontinued it and put the same info on a new DVD called Strength and Power for Sport.

Two years ago I watched some Glenn Pendley video on Youtube and changed step 1. The video below demonstrates the changes.