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Is Sugar Good for You?

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If you read the Facebook responses to a Dr. Mercola article I posted recently you would think that sugar is good for you. I was really surprised that posting what I thought was a simple article could produce such a huge response. The internet nutrition experts were out in full force, bashing Dr. Mercola, Gary Taubes, and Dr. Lustig as fear mongers and pseudo scientists. One even seemed to go so far as to say that diabetes could be caused by protein if I read correctly.

The truth is, I don’t know nearly as much about nutrition as the guys who blew up my Facebook page but, I still think still think sugar is bad for you. I also think that sugar may just be an addictive substance like alcohol and opiates. I don’t think our sugar problem is pure science? Or maybe it is? Is addiction/ overconsumption of any item a scientific issue, a psychological issue or a little of both?

In any case the “don’t vilify any food item or food group” folks will probably bash this post. I will play it smart and not take the bait this time. I will say that in my experience people who have problems with weight loss also seem to have problems with sugar? I know, the “experts” will say they have a calorie problem. I’m not so sure?