Why BMI is a Waste of Time?

One of our clients wanted me to write an article on why using BMI is a waste of time. To be honest, I thought BMI had gone the way of blood letting and leeches  ( cue Steve Martin SNL skit for those over 45) but, apparently not. Our client is a well built, strong man in his sixties who is being told by his doctor that he is overweight. The article below, although the title references female bodies, does an excellent job of poking holes in the BMI idea.





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  1. Thank you for the share of this link. My Doctor said exactly the same to me eventough people around me say that I look strong and healty. With the help of your article I had the courage to ask another doctor and he told me that I’m completly fine.

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  3. I totally argree that BMI is extermely outdated, and needs to be replaced with something much more realistic. I would love to read the artical but Tumblr it is not loading for me, has anyone else had this issue or does anyone have any suggestions?
    I feel that fitness and medical professionals must use more critical thinking and more to the point, common sense when it comes to a persons body composition, Karimkinch’s story is a prime example.

  4. I had a nice conversation with my SBLI ( life insurance ) rep on this one. Looks like they need to evolve a bit as well. I think BMI should be changed to BSMI. I like the term VMI, or Visual Mass Index. Simple diagnosis…”looks to me like you’ve been eating too much of the wrong stuff.”

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    It happens every day. I’ve had clients have these ams issue with DEXA scans. DEXA has a whole different standard and results in values 5% higher than skin folds.

  6. This reminds me of a medical I had in my early twenties where at 5′ 6″ and 215lb and 8% body fat, I had the nurse freeking out about my morbid obesity. No matter how much I protested that my weight consisted mostly of muscle and that my fat levels were much lower than average, she would not listen ontil the doctor came in, took one look at me and called her an idiot.

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