Is Foam Rolling Bad for You?

Just wanted to throw this one up again. Huffington Post had a few anti-rolling pieces so I thought this might be worthwhile to read again.

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Is Foam Rolling Bad for You? ( originally written for )

As is always the case in life on the internet, someone has to decide to take the other side of an argument.

I often think that those who do so are simply looking for recognition in a crowded field.

Recently, we have had two widely distributed “articles” critical of foam rolling. ( Get Off the Foam Roller) . More recently Huffington Post even got into the act with some really bad information. (5 Foam Rolling Mistakes to Avoid)

I find it funny because it seems difficult to me to criticize something that universally makes people feel better.  In one article (which was actually written four years ago), the author makes the very basic case that pain is bad and the foam roller causes pain; therefore, the foam roller must be bad too.

I am not discounting…

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  1. I’m glad to hear that that huffington post article was pure BS

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