NHL Players Began Specializing Later Than You Think

If you are a hockey parent with a 10 year old who played 80 games last year, take a look at this?

Age of Specialization Chart

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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    James- did you read Outliers? That is not what was said. The players in question were, I believe, Canadian and European Junior players and the point of the chapter was actually related to birth month. The 10,000 hour concept ( Ericson’s work, not Gladwell’s) appears later in the book. Players born earlier in the year ( Jan-Feb-March) comprised a greater proportion of future stars. Gladwell theorized this was based on selecting for “talent” at early ages, favoring the older player, i.e. the player born earlier in the year.

  2. This really suprises me. As Malcolm Gladwell created the 10’000 hours theory where NHL players who started early had a muc higher chance in succeeding in the pro space.

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