Awesome Article on What D1 Lacrosse Coaches Do With Their Own Kids

Nothing is more telling than what we do as a parent. I have said this over and over. We need to lead our kids ( and maybe force them) in the right direction.

In my case my 14 year old daughter plays ice hockey at a national level but plays soccer, has competed in Judo ( Mass State Champ at age 10) as well as swimming and diving. I am just now letting her specialize in her chosen sport, ice hockey.

My 9 year old plays ice hockey, baseball, lacrosse and has done swimming, flag football and soccer.

Take a look at what Division 1 Lacrosse coaches do with their kids.

Thanks to Chris Leavy for this one.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Rich- this means that this will be the last multi-sport year. Spring soccer for a few months and then off-seaon training. The program will be more reminiscent of a college player with 4 days of strength and conditioning in the summer and 1-2 days on ice. In the fall she will shift to 5 days of practice with weekend games and two strength and conditioning sessions.

  2. Not sure if this might make a good article but it would be interesting to hear what will change for your daughter now that she is specializing. Is it simply devoting more time to ice hockey practice and games?

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