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Fall Mentorship Announced

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At MBSC we are trying to do a better job of getting advanced notice out about mentorship weeks so its great that we can announce our next dates of September 15-18th in the month of June.

We will cap this at fifteen so start making plans now. Fall fills fast. To register go to

Keeping the Horse in Front of the Cart

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A friend saw this slide from Functional Strength Coach 5 putting the cart before the horse
on a Twitter feed and asked me to explain. Putting the cart before the horse is literally an analogy for putting things in the wrong order. If we can view methods ( Olympic lifting, plyometrics, etc.) as the cart and safety as the horse we must see that safety trumps methods. We must consider safety as we consider methods. Many coaches use a one-size-fits-all type of approach and this is in my mind putting the cart in front of the horse. As we develop a program we must first consider the audience. What I might consider safe for an eighteen year old collegiate athlete might be risky for a soccer mom. What I consider safe the eighteen year old hockey player might be risky for the 30 year old veteran. Methods can vary based on the audience. If we place methods first ( i.e everyone does Olympic lifts regardless of age or experience) than we place the cart in front of the horse. The key to good training is keep the horse in front of the cart. The audience determines the method. Does that help?

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

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I’m not sure I agree but I found this latest Mercola article interesting. Food for thought anyway? Research does seem to support the intermittent fasting idea?

Breakfast- Not the Most Important Meal After All…

On the flip side Men’s Health is recommending more eggs for breakfast? I love eggs so I think I’ll try this.

The New Rules of Breakfast?

Have You Seen Functional Strength Coach 5?

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Every once in a while it pays to ask. Have you seen Functional Strength Coach 5? Take a look at what one of our former MBSC Mentorship attendees had to say about Functional Strength Coach 5.

In an information age that can easily confuse and overload (as well as break the bank of) the less experienced coach/trainer, Functional Strength Coach 5 is 7 hours of information that will simplify the process. It will put the less experienced on a path of Mike Boyle’s philosophies that have proven to be successful on every level. You will find yourself saying “this stuff finally makes sense” and gain more confidence in your abilities to train others. Even though I have studied and implemented Mike’s system for 13 years, I found many more tweaks that will make my coaching better. I also found myself motivated to “stay the course” and realize good fundamental philosophies should always be the backbone of any good program. Thanks Mike for sharing so much priceless information in Functional Strength Coach 5. Sean Ross, Ross Strength and Speed

If you are interested you can go to Functional Strength Coach 5 to order.

Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Chicago

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Here we go again. Round 2 for 2014 coming up. The Providence Summit is over and now we are on to Chicago. This weekend (June 27th- 29th) between 800 and 900 coaches, trainers and therapists will experience the best in education for strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness professionals. Providence was amazing and you can expect Chicago to be the same.

As I say every year, if you don’t get to one of these seminars you are making a huge mistake. The biggest complaint continues to be about the inability to see all of the speakers. I spoke to at least one person in Providence who had already registered for Chicago.

Here are my recommendations on a session-by-session basis.

*Every year I say the same thing. I will almost always choose lectures over hands-on. I’m coming to learn, not to get a workout. I may go to a hands-on but, not to get a workout. I’ll go to a hands-on to get “hands on” experience with techniques but, not to get a workout. Save your workout for another day and get some knowledge to help your clients and athletes.

PS-Please accept my apologies if I don’t recommend you as a presenter. It’s not personal but, I have to help people choose.

Friday June 13th

9:15- Tough decision. Mark Verstegen is out at the World Cup. Denis Logan subs for Mark and I’m sure you’ll get a great talk. My choice, the legendary Al Vermeil. Wisdom and experience are in short supply and this guys has a ton.

10:45- Not an easy decision. If you missed the MBSC Winter Seminar go see Bill Knowles. At the same time is Lee Taft. Two really good choices.

1:15- After lunch,John Blievernicht gets the toughest draw of the seminar. Bill Knowles hands on is excellent. I always want to see more of Al Vermeil and to top it off, Gray Cook lectures. Good luck. Three headed coin anyone?

2:45- If you work with athletes, go to Lee Taft’s hands-on, trust me. If you are in the rehab world catch Craig Liebenson’s lecture

4:15- Is a toss up. I love to listen to Thomas Plummer, Lee Burton is always good. I’d be interested in seeing Craig Liebensen’s hands-on?

5:30- Al Vermeil gives the keynote. Al is loaded with stories and with wisdom. Don’t miss this one. PS- FREE BEER at 6:30.

Saturday June 8th

8:00- Saturday at 8 is a no-brainer. Come to my lecture. If you already heard me at a one of the One Days, go listen to Eric Cressey.

9:30- 10:45- This is a really tough slot. Alwyn Cosgrove is always good, but, I’m going to have to recommend Sue Falsone’s lecture. It is always one of my favorites every year.

11-12:15- I’d suggest you attend my hands –on. We’ll cover all of the changes we’ve made to our MBSC warm-ups as well as talk a little breathing. Robert Dos remedios’s lecture was great at the 1 day seminar so if you already heard me, go there.

1:30-2:45- Another toss up. I think any of the four will be good. I’ll let you make your own choice here.

3-4:15 – At 3, pick by your needs? Nutrition? John Berardi. Personal development? Todd Durkin. Programming? Alwyn Cosgrove. Rehab? Sue Falsone. Sue’s hands-on might have a slight advantage in my mind? I’m a huge Sue Falsone fan and only get to see her once a year.

4:35- Q+A. Get your questions answered at the end of the day, great opportunity. I’ll be headed for the airport but there is lots more “socializing” to do.

Sunday June 9th

8- Two good lectures to start the day. Evan Osar is always interesting regardless of topic. If it was me, I’d hit newcomer Brett Klika’s talk. I love Brett’s enthusiasm.

9:30-10:45- At 9:30 Michol Dalcort and Emily Spichal lecture. I have heard great things about Emily so seeing her would be my first recommendation. However, I also love to listen to Michol. Although I don’t always agree with Michol he always makes me think? Bit of a toss up.

11- 12:45- The weekend ends the way it began with tough choices. You would need to come three times to see everything you want. Two good hands –on sessions with Michol and Emily and two good lectures? Once again, you can pick based on your interests? Ed Thomas is always great to listen to? Knowing our history is still important.

Hope my recommendations help again this year.

The MBSC Internship Experience 2014

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Daniel Breen is a young Irish strength and conditioning coach interning at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. He writes about his experiences over the past two weeks here

Another Must Read For Parents!

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Please read this regardless of what sport your child plays.

Two big takeaways:

1- Kids of rich parents get hurt MORE! ( socio-ecomonic status was a predictor of injury risk but, probably not like you think)
2- Elite athletes specialized later than their sub-elite counterparts! So many great pros were multi-sport athletes. We had two Red Sox pitchers last year who did not pitch until they signed major league contracts. One was a Junior College Quarterback and first baseman ( now an elite pitcher), one played college basketball in addition to baseball.

Sports Should be Childs Play