Crossfit Sues the NSCA?

Here is a great read. I think the funny part is that Crossfit’s view is that Crossfit and the NSCA are competitors ( read line 1 of #2 in the suit). Somehow the NSCA and the ACSM get lumped in together?

Crazy stuff

Crossfit sues the NSCA

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  1. Nick Duffy Says:

    Sarah, I totally agree. They are mad about one article and instead of responding with research (which is how people in the science world respond) they sue, which makes them look less reputable. Since the late 70’s the NSCA has worked with more elite athletes and has/still gets better results, so how are we out dated. CF takes weekend warriors and people who never worked out correctly and uses concepts developed by the NSCA to get results. Not exactly apples to apples. Cscs trainers are far and away (with small exceptions) more knowledgeable about physiology and fitness.

  2. It is apparent that Crossfit HQ wants nothing but to separate themselves from those of us who aren’t “in their ranks.” The wording in this lawsuit is beyond pompous. I am stopping myself from reading past those first two paragraphs because it’s making me angry. 😦 Like they came along and completely changed the face of the fitness industry while all those of us who have been here for a long time were basically blowing smoke up peoples’ asses? The picture they continue to try and paint of the fitness industry separate from the CF world is nothing but negative and full of BS. I have been trying to have a puppies and rainbows and all things happy stance on CF lately because to be honest, trying to discuss it or rationalize it anymore just takes away from my positive energy. I don’t hate CF. It doesn’t bother me. People who wanna do it can do it, it’s their choice. It’s BS like this that does nothing but put a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh. Rant over.

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