Another Must Read For Parents!

Please read this regardless of what sport your child plays.

Two big takeaways:

1- Kids of rich parents get hurt MORE! ( socio-ecomonic status was a predictor of injury risk but, probably not like you think)
2- Elite athletes specialized later than their sub-elite counterparts! So many great pros were multi-sport athletes. We had two Red Sox pitchers last year who did not pitch until they signed major league contracts. One was a Junior College Quarterback and first baseman ( now an elite pitcher), one played college basketball in addition to baseball.

Sports Should be Childs Play


4 Responses to “Another Must Read For Parents!”

  1. Awesome! Love your work, and everything that you stand for.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    We are usually similar off-season to off-season. We make changes as we improve the program year to year.

  3. Last offseason I meant

  4. When dealing with a returning athlete for the offseason, would you take him/her through the same routine as offseason? Or come up with something new?

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