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Obesity- Cancer Link?

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No matter how flimsy you might feel the link between cancer and obesity is, this is huge motivation to lose weight.

Cancer- Obesity Link?

I know I get criticized for a lot of the Mercola stuff but, I still believe Dr. Mercola makes us think.

Assault Air 100 Mile Challenge.

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Last month my friend Ana Tocco decided to ride 200 miles on the small fan Schwinn Airdyne. She motivated me to try to get 100 miles on the new Assault Air bike in a month. I’m happy to say that yesterday on day 30 I hit the 100 mi. mark. Not easy but, done. (PS- The Assault is like riding the Airdyne up a hill).

Hips and Hernias?

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Hip injuries and sports hernias have increased drastically in the past decade. It’s my feeling that training plays a large part in that. The use of bikes, climbers, rowers, ellipticals etc keeps the hip out of extension and really decreases the role of the hip flexors and extensors. Two things we can do to help our athletes is encourage them to run ( not jog, run) more and, use the slideboard. Running ( tempo runs at about 75%) gets the hip into extension and the slideboard gets the hip into abduction.

To learn more, take a look at this. Hips and Hernias lecture I did a few years ago at the Perform Better seminars.

Are Prescription Drugs a Gateway to Heroin?

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I know this seems like a strange topic for my blog but, heroin use among kids is way up. Are prescription painkillers part of the problem? Dr. Mercola thinks so and, so do I.

Prescription Painkillers Tagged as Gateway Drug to Heroin?

Crossfit Sues the NSCA?

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Here is a great read. I think the funny part is that Crossfit’s view is that Crossfit and the NSCA are competitors ( read line 1 of #2 in the suit). Somehow the NSCA and the ACSM get lumped in together?

Crazy stuff

Crossfit sues the NSCA

Great Piece on Redefining Success

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This is a great piece on Arianna Huffington and her new book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder courtesy of Dr Mercola and

Redefining Success