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Should You Overhead Press

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Take a look at this short clip I filmed for Stack Magazine and on overhead pressing. Should you? Where do you start? Click the link.

Being an MBSC Intern Part 2

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Here is part two Daniel Breens’ series about his internship at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

Being an MBSC Intern Part 2

This Is Really Funny and Too True- Please Listen

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This is an actual ( I guess we need to check Snopes) answering machine message at a high school in Australia. Even it’s not real it is great.

Meghan Duggan’s TED Talk

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Thanks to my friend Kevin Neeld for this. Please take 10 minutes to watch this wonderful young woman.

Meghan Duggan’s TED Talk

Fall Mentorship Announced

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We have a few spots left for September

Michael Boyle's Blog

At MBSC we are trying to do a better job of getting advanced notice out about mentorship weeks so its great that we can announce our next dates of September 15-18th in the month of June.

We will cap this at fifteen so start making plans now. Fall fills fast. To register go to

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Does Your Ten Year Old Play One Sport? Read This.

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Here’s another piece in the anti early specialization arsenal. Why can’t parents get this?

ESPN The Kids Are Alright?

NY Times- This Is Our Youth

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Check out this disturbing piece on kids and fitness from the NY Times.

This Is Our Youth