Running Five Minutes a Day?

A new study just out showed that those who run five minutes a day live longer than those who don’t. Surprisingly, running more didn’t help and actually hurt if you went over 20 miles a week.

I think you could probably substitute “aerobic exercise” for running. Don’t think there is any real magic to running but getting the HR up seems good.


One Response to “Running Five Minutes a Day?”

  1. Great find! This goes back to the old Steve Blair “fat vs. fit” data which showed your better off being in shape than low BMI. This concurs his “unfit” group was the lowest 25% of about 10,000 people – their hazard ratio was about equal to that of smoking.

    Most importantly, the group who started out unfit and progressed to “fit” were able to reduce their risk substantially.
    Good job coach Boyle!
    Max Prokopy

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