Nice Interview on MBSC

Pauline from Sac City Sports ( Sacramento, CA.) was nice enough to drop by MBSC and do a quick interview. Take a second and read it. We touched on early specialization for kids and the Crossfit kids program.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    We do have 11 year olds now. That was really due to USA Hockey requiring off-ice training beginning at the 11-12 age. We don’t go younger. We are considering more 1 hour programming for the 11-12’s.

  2. Great interview Mike, I know you have said in the interview you feel its a waste of time kids going to a S&C program younger than 12 however I thought at MBSC you was now running programs for younger than this due to demand? We used to just run programs for 12+ however recently due to demand started a new group for 9 to 11 year olds which really just focuses on movement with the warm up really taking up most of the session we don’t do any rolling or stretching with this group though. Then some 10m sprint work and team relays, MB and Jumps we then do some basic exercises and Coach them in these such as Squats, Push Ups, Chin Ups or Recline/Ring Rows and mixed in between we do some games and usually end the session with some sleds or a game/competition. Most of the kids just play one sport outside of school PE and at least by coming onto our program they are being exposed to different movement patterns and how to actually move correctly as many can’t even skip when they first came. I fully agree the kids would be better just playing or doing another sport until 12 but often these days that is not the case so at least this way we are providing another option for them.

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